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Membership Fees

New Member Fees
Club New Member Initiation Fee $16,237.50
HOA Initiation Fee $500.00
MUD-New Member Initiation $2,000.00
Total $18,737.50
Membership Application Fee-Due and Payable upon Submission of Application $125.00

Fee includes sales tax

Club Monthly Dues & Fees
Club Dues $244.00
Club Capital Dues $24.00
HOA Dues $60.00
HOA Addl Home Dues $60.00
HOA Addl Lot Dues $30.00
HOA Capital $2.00
HOA Addl Home Cap $2.00
HOA Addl Lot Cap $2.00
Late Fees $25.00
Trailer Storage $31.52

Fees listed do not include State Sales Tax

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