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Becoming a Member

We are delighted that you are interested in membership in Emerald Bay!  The process to become a member is as follows:
  • Have a signed contract on a home in Emerald Bay.

  • Submit an application for membership to the Emerald Bay office via email to arclub@emeraldbayclub.org, by fax to (903) 825-3430, or by bringing it to the office.

  • Submit a separate application for additional occupant for each individual in the household over the age of 18 not included in the primary membership application.

  • Credit check and a background check are performed.

  • General Manager reviews the application, credit check and background check to make sure applicants meet the credit score requirement of 675 and have no felony convictions.

  • Membership Committee chair sets up a membership meeting with applicants once requirements are met. 

  • Board of Directors approves the applicants based on recommendation of the membership committee chair to approve for membership.

  • Initiation fee is to be paid through the title company at closing.

  • Close on the home.

Ready To Become A Member?