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    Dress Code

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    Dress Code

“Appropriate attire” is required by all members, families and guests in all facilities offered by the club. Presentable clothing shall be clean and in good condition and not offensive to other members of the club.  Casual dress does NOT include cutoffs, tank tops, halter-tops, midriffs, short-shorts, swim suits, fleeced or cotton athletic sweat suits, sweat pants, or scrubs.  Shoes or appropriate footwear shall be worn at all times in and around the club, except in the immediate swimming pool area.  Changing clothing in the parking lot is not permitted, with the exception of shoes. 

Members shall be responsible for ensuring that their guests will be properly attired.  Management reserves the right to decide what appropriate attire is and has the authority to ask anyone to leave the club if deemed improperly dressed. 

Golf Course

Appropriate Golf attire is required for all players at Emerald Bay.  Members are expected to insure that their children, grandchildren, and guests adhere to such rules when using the Golf Course, Driving Range, Putting Greens and Golf Facilities.

Women: Shorts that are mid-thigh and conform to current golf fashion standards may be worn. Slacks, including fashionable denim (not blue denim or jeans) and shirts with or without collars are acceptable.  Cutoffs, T-shirts, tennis attire and tank tops are not allowed at any time on the Golf Course or Practice Facilities.

Men: Shorts that are mid-length and slacks that conform to current golf fashion standards may be worn. Collared and mock turtle neck shirts are suitable, provided they have sleeves. (Blue Denim), Jeans, sweat pants or sweat suits, tank tops, tennis shorts, or other athletic shorts are not allowed at any time on the golf Course or Practice Facilities. Shirts must be tucked into pants at all times unless they are banded bottom shirts.

*Jeans are allowed in the winter months, November through March, for both Men and Women.

**Cargo Shorts will be allowed as long as they do not exceed knee length.

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