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    Course Rates


Members may use their own golf carts with no cart, trail, or greens fees. Carts must be white and electric.

Green FeesDriving Range
Guest Weekend  -  $41.28 Daily - $4.92
Guest Weekday  -  $31.45 Annual Single - $141.84
Vertical Weekend  -  $17.47 Annual Couple - $210.13
Vertical Weekday  -  $14.60 Annual Family - $273.16


Guests can rent carts through the Pro Shop for $13.14 for 9 holes or $26.27 for 18 holes.

*Rates do not include State sales tax

Handicap Fee

Handicap Fee of $41.00 paid by golfing members to the pro shop for the keeping of their handicaps in the GHIN system.

*Rates do not include State sales tax

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